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Stephy C & Jillisa Lynn
Age: 25, United States
Stephy C & Jillisa Lynn
Age: 25, United States
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It takes two to tango! Stephy C and Jillisan Lynn quickly became friends after meeting each other through the modeling business. When the two offered to do a duo photoshoot for the cover of Mixed Magazine I could not decline. It was Club Play South Beach that was more than welcome to let us do a photoshoot in their newest club that features some of the hottest stars such as Diddy, Busta Rhymes and almost all of the sexiest Urban models in the business from Bubbles, Rosie B and many many more. Jillisa Lynn is a very strong minded and focused model from New York and the lovely Stephy C is the sweet and innocent model from Indiana that turns on the sexy as soon as the camera lens comes off. One thing they both have in common is that they both posses the bundakadonk and they know how to use it! It was ultra hot during the shoot and half way through we had to bring in the fans. We at Mixed Magazine like to think that we are the most blessed magazine out there and I’m sure all of our fans feel the same way.

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Basic Profile

  • Name: Stephy C & Jillisa Lynn

  • Gender: Female

  • Age: 25,

  • Country: United States


  • Body: Normal

  • Ethnicity: Hispanic / Latina

  • Weight: 56kg (123 lbs)

  • Height: 168cm (5'6")

  • Hair Length: Long

  • Hair Color: Brown

  • Eye Color: Brown

  • Orientation: Straight

Languages spoken

  • English


Stephy C & Jillisa Lynn @ Club Play South Beach

Cover image

An interview with Jillisa Lynn:

What nationality are you? Puerto Rican, Italian, French and Jewish

Do you go to college? I dont currently but I did after high school before I started modeling and traveling so much.

What would the average person say about you? That  I have great energy and a positive person I always try to make other people smile and help all that I can 


Are you a good dancer? yes a great one.. I cheered and dances for many years so I’m a Choreographer also 

Do you like the nerdy type, UFC fighter guy or the regular joe? I don’t usually go for the “UFC type” lol I like someone who can make me laugh and has good vibes and goals 

Do you have any secret weaknesses or guilty pleasures? yes taco bell extra cheese but minus the meat and anything sweet .. But I really don’t workout much (shhhhhhh) lol

What’s your biggest turn on? good hands 

What’s one thing about yourself that everyone should know? I’m goofy can be hilarious, I don’t take many things serious, I’m not always dressed up lol

What do guys compliment you most on? The fact that im pretty and have personality

Do you consider yourself more of a “giver” or a “taker”? a giver .. I try to be very independent I don’t like to ask for things .. If I had 10$ left if give a homeless person 5 of it 

If you could have any car you wanted, what would it be? I’m not much of a car person so just a nice luxury that’s comfortable lol

Do you have any hidden talents? Mmmm most are know lol so maybe a cool one is that I can do back flips still

What do you like best about being a model? The art of it .. I still look at some pics like “is that me?” lol modeling has opened doors to other opportunities and has been a blessing I love every part of being a model., I’ve met some amazing people 

What would you consider your strongest attribute? I love giving advice and helping others as much as I can.. I’m a loving person and have been trough alot but still remain positive 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take with you?
 I would go to Puerto Rico for the first time to see my family I’ve never got to meet and bring my mother so she could see them again too 

What is your favorite food? Anything with cheeeeeese lol

What do you do for fun? Play on my phone, shopping, chill with my girls, extra curricula activities lol

What are your dreams and goals? To build my talent as an actress and one day be on the big screen, along with that would come more success in the modeling industry as far as getting more published and go more mainstream and commercial.. And one Success is reach in those fields. Have my Jillicious brand be built lol also with taking care of my family  and one day have a family if my own 

How did you get your start in modeling? I did a shoot with a model named Carma and was found NY a website and from my shoot with them the camera and I fell in love lol

Myspace or Facebook? Both –  Jillisa Lynn

Do you have a website?

Favorite Sports Team: Bills because I’m from Rochester NY and I’ll stay a fan to my home team since In into sport but I don’t root for a team ever just enjoy a good game

Favorite Comedian: queen latifah 

First Jobs: mark pizzeria then hollister, areopastle, against all odds, then Tmobile, perris pizza, manager of a cricket store.. Then bartender and now model/actress/host lol

How does someone contact you for a modeling project? Follow me on Twitter @JillisaLynn .. For booking


An interview with Stephy C:

Where were you born, and how was life growing up? I was born in Evanston, IL (directly north of Chicago) and raised in Northwest Indiana. Life was great growing up. I had a loving family with my mom, dad, sister, brother, and various pets (cats, dogs, fish, horses). I enjoyed school, sports, activities, etc. And had lots of friends. I lived in mostly small towns so I wasn’t exposed to a lot until I got out of there, lol.

What nationality are you? I am pretty much Caucasian (mostly French and German-Jewish) and Cherokee

Do you go to college? No, but I went! I graduated from Purdue with a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts (my concentration was Mass Communications). I also studied Spanish when I was there. It was an awesome experience.

What would the average person say about you?
 Most people would say that I am cute, short, sweet, kind, funny, smart, shy, and love being naked!

Are you a good dancer? Not really…I can fake it though. Alcohol helps!

Do you like the nerdy type, UFC fighter guy or the regular joe? 
I guess a mix of the three. I am a big dork, so I need someone that won’t mind that and will be a dork with me. I also like intelligence, so a little bit nerdy is fine with me. And he can be regular as in not flashy, but not regular as in boring. The UFC guy’s athleticism and physique would be great too.

Do you have any secret weaknesses or guilty pleasures? I love chocolate  I also sleep a lot. I guess that could be considered a weakness and guilty pleasure!

What’s your biggest turn on?
 Intelligence, a sense of humor, goals and ambition, good hygiene, kindness, a nice body, tall dark and handsome, nice smiles

What’s one thing about yourself that everyone should know? I’m really short! People see my pictures and they think I’m going to be super tall and voluptuous. But I am very petite. I have curves, but they are proportionate to my petite frame. =)

What do guys compliment you most on? I get complimented a lot on my smile and my cute, round booty

Do you consider yourself more of a “giver” or a “taker”? Both! I love to please people and be the giver, but I need to get mine too! lol

If you could have any car you wanted, what would it be? I’m not big on cars, but my dad had a 1967 red mustang and if he still had it, I’d love to drive that. I would take one of those if it was restored and had all of the features of a 2011 car with the classic mustang look. I love red too!

Do you have any hidden talents?
 I showed horses for 10 years, so I know how to ride 

What do you like best about being a model? I love traveling and meeting new people. It’s been an amazing ride and I know it’s only going to get better. I also love shooting! I feel so sexy and powerful when I’m in front of the camera.

What would you consider your strongest attribute? My smile is definitely strong. I love smiling and feel like I come alive when I smile. I feel like it lights up the room as well (cheesy, I know) and makes other people feel at ease and smile as well.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take with you? I want to visit Spain really badly. I would take some of my best girls with me!

What is your favorite food? I have lots of favorites… I like pasta, chicken, bread, cheese, vegetables, fruit, and cookies.

What do you do for fun?
 Most of my time is taken up by shooting right now. When I’m not shooting though, I like to play with my dogs, hang out with my family, cook, make jewelry, work out, ride horses, watch sports (especially football – GO BEARS), go out to clubs with friends, listen to music, go shopping, sex, etc.

What are your dreams and goals? I would like to continue modeling for as long as I can. I want to become more of a “household name” and do more acting as well. I want to continue traveling and travel internationally as well. I want my website to do well too!

How did you get your start in modeling? I went to Purdue University for college (as stated above). While I was there, Playboy came for a casting call. I figured I had nothing to lose and tried out. They picked me and I had my first shoot ever with them. I loved it and wanted to do more immediately. I joined a model networking site, shot more with Playboy and other publications, and here I am today!


Do you have a website? Yes, it’s *warning, NSFW 

Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks, and Purdue Boilermakers (all sports)

Favorite Comedian: 
Dave Chappelle and Chelsea Handler

First Job: Bussing Tables at a restaurant by Lake Michigan

How does someone contact you for a modeling project? They can send a message to me directly at =)

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Twitter: @NakedStephyC
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