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Laura Cavendar
Age: 18, United States
Laura Cavendar
Age: 18, United States
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Laura Cavender once was the talented Quarterback for the Los Angeles Temptations which is one of the teams of the all new Lingerie Football League. But she has grown to bigger and better things. She is now a very successful world renowned DJ. Her love for music has put her amongst the sexiest and dopest DJ’s in the biz and she goes by the name of DJLC. Originally from Texas Laura has grew up as a hard working athlete with a high competitive spirit. Laura has won countless fitness competitions over the past several years is now is coming out with her own line of supplements. Laura is a head turner wherever she goes and you can find this beautiful blonde bombshell partying in the finest clubs from LA to Miami. Pick up just about any fitness or bikini magazine and you will surely find Laura Cavender showing off her perfected body.

Basic Profile

  • Name: Laura Cavendar

  • Gender: Female

  • Age: 18,

  • Country: United States


  • Body: Normal

  • Ethnicity: White

  • Weight: 55kg (121 lbs)

  • Height: 160cm (5'2")

  • Hair Length: Long

  • Hair Color: Blonde

  • Eye Color: Brown

  • Orientation: Straight

Languages spoken

  • English


Laura Cavendar

Cover image

An Interview with Laura Cavendar:

Where were you born, and how was life growing up? Victoria Tx from a small town riding forewheelers after school playing out in doll house, gymnastics and cheerleading threw high school.

What nationality are you? Checkoslovakia and Cherokee

What would the average person say about you? Im very down to earth and laid back

What kind of stuff did you get into after high school? figure competing, modeling, and womens football, and Djing

Do you have any secret weaknesses or guilty pleasures?  Ice cream late at night!

What has been your most memorable experience as a model? Being recognized after being published in several international magazines!

What’s one thing about yourself that everyone should know? I love to see people laugh it makes me happy when people around me are happy

Do you consider yourself more of a “giver” or a “taker”? Giver

If you could have any car you wanted, what would it be? Bently Coop

What do you like best about being a model? On the fitness note it may inspire people to get in better shape and for younger girls to have somone to look up to.

What would you consider your strongest attribute? My personality

We know you’re a model and all, but you must have a favorite food. What is it?  Everything i love food i eat clean threwout the week but when I want to cheat i have pizza and ben and jerrys ice cream!

Besides modeling, what do you do for fun? I have turn tables that I mix music for a hobby on the side and make music for Djing

What are your dreams and goals?  To continue modeling and to Dj world wide with hott look and sound!

Would you prefer a guy to pursue you, or do you like to be the aggressor? depends on situation but I like a challenge!

How did you get your start in modeling? When i was a little girl my mom made the living room into a photoshoot studio and put a white back drop from the ceiling down across the whole floor and took pictures as i changed a million times and posed with barbie and dolls to pretend to model.

What’s in your CD player right now? My own mix tapes from hiphop house rap techno love music

Do you have a website? and My supplement company I have fatburners out Extreme Cut

Relationship Status: I’m currently dating Thiago “Pitbull” Alvzez (UFC Fighter)

Favorite Sports Team: LA Temptations

First Job: Dental Assistant

Piercings/Tattoos (How many? Where?): 
Belly button pierced

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