Gianna DeNinno and Joanna Shari on the christmas issue december 2010 cover of mixed magazine

Meet the Itallion Stallions Gianna DeNinno and Joanna Shari! The say women with curvy hips are sexier and posses more mature womenly traits. After meeting these two models I can surely agree with those beliefs.  They flew to Miami for their elaborate cover photoshoots. Gianna is from Denver, Colorado and is hands down one of the coolest and sexiest women alive. Joanna Shari is from New Jersey and all the above. Joanna is a graphic designer, veteran urban model. The photoshoot was held in Miami and was one of the hottest shoots yet. At one point during the photoshoot the camera steamed up and had to be cooled off the sex appeal in the room. Joanna Shari is the founder of this new model Gianna DeNinno. They gravitated towards each other online through facebook and twitter by recognizing their incredible similarities. They are both young, smart and sexy Italians with a love for Urban modeling. We are all truly blessed to be able to witness the Itallion Stallions getting hot and sexy for Mixed Magazine! Take the time to get to know both of them below by reading their interviews with Mixed Magazine. Also make sure to join the member section to see some of the hottest videos and pictures ever shot!!

A video of gianna deninno and joanna shari wearing zebra g string