Suzy Parra is the sexy mixed model from Los Angelas, California. This new model is a real firecracker! She was brought to us by the ultra sexy December 2011 Mixed Magazine cover model Alyssa Jerry. Alyssa sure knows how to pick em. Suzy is mixed with Puerto Rican and Mexican descent and it’s obvious that she inherited that caliente style. Her sexy moves are clearly all natural as she set the photo/video shoot on fire at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. Some girls got it and some don’t but Suzy Parra definitely Got It! Suzy is quickly becoming noticed by some of the biggest names in the urban world. Suzy has already done a few music videos for some top artists. Suzy has no problem with keeping it sexy always. She is a very strong minded young 20 year old. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Suzy is also extremely sweet, respectful and highly professional. We always say that Mixed Magazine models are marriage material and Suzy is no different. We know she is going to set the world on fire with whatever she chooses to do. The modeling world just got a whole lot better with this beautiful fiery new model.