Columbian Hottie Luisa Olmos on the Cover of Mixed Magazine

The Colombian Princess Luisa Olmos! She is truly the finest bikini model who is staggering minds every where she walks with her incredible legs and booty. Not only is this model physically strong but she is mentally strong as well. She carries herself with incredible confidence and maturity and is only 24 years of age. Luisa is originally from Colombia and moved to Miami at the age of 20 and is already getting her bachelors degree from Florida Atlantic University in Palm Beach. She recently just started modeling because a friend told her she could win a bikini contest and she killed it the very first time bringing home the gold and the rest has been history. When girls know Luisa is showing up they simply stay home. Her work ethic is impeccable as she trains Muay Thai daily, jogs 10 miles per day, models 7 days a week and still continues to breeze through college. Her golden tan is sparkling and her personality is as honest and morally sound as one can get. She says Colombian culture is just that way. Her goals are set extremely high and there is no doubt at this pace she will reach every single one. She is truly a role model for men and woman but most of all she is one sexy babe!!! Check out her exclusive pictures and video inside the member section if you really want to see what sexy is!

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Luisa is 100% Colombian beauty n booty. I am all bout Colombian women n she most definately fits the bill of a Colombian woman. Hope 2 c more of her in the future!!!!