Lexi Aree is the fresh face busty 18 year old model from Cincinnati, Ohio and is now the December Mixed Magazine cover model! Every Christmas issue is always packed full of busty beauties and this year we decided to go to our list of fresh face models to give you something nobody has every seen. Lexi just celebrated her 18th birthday a month ago and is now ready to take over the game. It’s not every day you see a model with a beautiful face, huge boobs, big butt and enormous personality. We booked a full week long photoshoot with Lexi in sunny Florida and it was one of the most memorable experiences ever. Lexi is a total comedian as she joked around constantly and still is able to bring extreme heat to every photoshoot. When you are not laughing your ass off with Lexi Aree you are sweating your ass off. She has been waiting many years to turn of age and now she is here so get ready to see tons of Lexi Aree! She says she was well aware of her sexuality at a very young age. Everywhere we went people were stopping her to tell her how sexy she is while she loved every second of it but one of the most beautiful things about her is she is always so sweet to everyone no matter what.  Make sure you join our exclusive member section where you can see her go to work on set for her Xmas cover shoot in her candy striped lingerie. Click here to join now!