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Feast your eyes on this curvy beauty named Halina Miranda from San Fransisco, California. I’m not so sure I’ve ever seen anything like this in my life. Halina’s body is so curvy it’s not even funny. The television show on SpikeTV called Manswers did a study and found that 98% of men would rather have a voluptuous woman. This means nearly every man in the world loves Halina Miranda and they can not deny it. Her hips go waaay out and her waist goes waaay in. She’s simply amazing to look at. Halina has been modeling for a several years now and has been featured in countless magazines. Photographers can’t wait to shoot with her and they are lined up impatiently waiting. She is also very well rounded and intelligent. She has her bachelors degree in cooking and owns her own cup cake business. She is smart, creative and sweet like her cupcakes. She is always professional and takes every opportunity that smells like a win win situation. We at least know there is one smart guy on the planet because as you will see in her photos that the huge diamond ring is located directly on her wedding finger. Halina and cupcakes! Does it get any better? I don’t think so. Learn more about Halina below and make sure you Join our exclusive member section to view the sexiest exclusive videos and high resolution photos of Halina by clicking here!