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Erica Jackson is one model who knows how to work it and a whole lot of people know it. She has no fear when it comes to being sexy and she always does it with style and creativity. Erica currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada where she models full time and works on her new business making sexy jewelry. She is all natural from head to toe. Some of the biggest names such as Copa Swimwear, Show Magazine, Blacks Men’s magazine and most importantly PLAYBOY have all featured her amazing beauty without hesitation. If you are ever looking for the perfect model then you can’t get better than Erica Jackson. She always brings 110% and will most likely give you ideas because she is constantly thinking about the best shots. She can also think outside the box. She has great desire and passion for absolute success and has the confidence to achieve it. We decided to shoot her looks using only the video camera and then we pulled still images from the videos to make up her photos seen here. See all the photos and videos inside our too hot for tv members sections by clicking here! Oh yeah!..and make sure you are 18+ because her boobies are showing inside.