desiree niemann mixed magazine cover model hooters model

Desiree Niemann is the very desirable model from Pensacola, Florida. This is one of the sweetest models we have ever showcased. She is mixed with half filipino and half caucasion. Desiree has been one of Hooters’ favorite model for the past couple years now and has been featured in several calendars and bikini contests. She recently won the Hooters Regional Bikini Contest and went on to compete for Hooters International 2011 in Miami. We think she should have won but hey, what are ya gonna do? Desiree is very classy, smart, a sweetheart and she loves to cook!!! She is studying to be a nurse and already has a B.A. in Public Relations. Spending roughly 5 minutes with her and you will want to slip a ring on her finger. She is clearly the dream come true. Consider yourself very lucky to be viewing this exclusive feature on this extremely sexy model. Make sure you Join the members area to witness her exclusive photos and videos inside by clicking here.

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