crissy henderson mixed magazine covera

Somebody call the cops! Crissy Henderson is illegally hot in all 50 states plus Washington D.C. This deep rooted Texas native now Los Angeles based model is the coolest of the coolest. She has an amazing way to make you feel like she is your best friend the second you meet her in fact she happens to be best friends with some of the most elite people in the world from famous musicians, top athletes and the hottest models. But she is far from shallow as she admits a big part of her life is to give back to the communities less fortunate. She is involved with many organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Meals on Wheels, Church functions and several other charities that are listed below. She feels that a well balanced life is the key to happiness. Crissy’s modeling experience has helped her sink her teeth into new promising areas such as film and radio which continue to grow everyday. She is also highly recognized at Playboy as one of their top models, radio personality and has two news shows on Playboy.TV called Camp Playboy and BadAss. It consists of dangerous stunts with other sexy models. Make sure you check out the incredible photos and videos of Crissy inside the hottest members section in the world by clicking here!