Ok now, first of all, this is really happening! This is not a dream. You are witnessing the finest female alive. Meet Alyssa Jerry from San Diego, California! This 21 year old model is mixed with 50% African American and 50% caucasian. She is all natural and has probably the best butt we have ever seen at Mixed Magazine. Whenever you think about the perfect woman, most guys dream of something unrealistic like an exotic look, perfect face, all natural body and a bubble butt for days as if it was drawn on like a cartoon. Alyssa is all of that and more. She has the most incredible personality to match her exterior. She is as cool as they get. She loves to laugh constantly, she’s as humble as they come, she doesn’t judge anyone and the list goes on and on. She is currently single and spends a great deal of her time with her extremely sexy crew of girlfriends that are equally as beautiful. Alyssa Jerry is the diamond in the rough and a gold mine wrapped into one. Her modeling career is new but it won’t be for long after this feature publishes. Spending time with Alyssa in San Diego for her photoshoot was a memorable one. After shopping with Alyssa and her friend Suzy Parra at the Hustler Lingerie Store, we walked past Suge Knight on the downtown streets and even he stared as if he saw a martian walking by as both models were wearing black spandex pants and very high heels! Shooting at the Hard Rock Hotel’s penthouse suite made for the perfect backdrop. Alyssa was joy to work with and really brought together a perfect 2011 year at Mixed Magazine. Maybe there is a Santa after all! Check out her photos and exclusive videos inside our hot and sexy member section by clicking here!