There’s something about house music videos that seem really exotic to the average MTV viewer. It could be fact that there aren’t many vocals involved, just a repeated line that could annoy them, but there’s one thing that really sets them apart from music videos of other genres and that’s the sexy factor. There’s nothing sexier than a house music video. Yes, we’re saying that they top even the best from Britney, Christina and Beyoncé combined. We’ve decided to put together a little list of what we think are the sexiest house music videos out there and we came up with 7 music videos just for you. Enjoy!

Eric Prydz - Call On Me
In our opinion, this has got to be THE sexiest house music video of all time. I mean, really… do you see those bodies?! This aerobics-themed video has gotten guys all over the planet to stop knocking those girly gym classes and signing up for a few themselves. Great bodies, spandex, and girls covered in sweat has gotten “Call on Me” by Erik Prydz a top spot on our list of the sexiest house music videos of all time.

David Guetta Feat. Akon – Sexy Bitch
Ok, this video is called “Sexy Bitch” so if it weren’t one of the sexiest house music videos, we’d be prety disappointed. But luckily everything that David Guetta and Akon touch turns to gold, so it’s no shock to us that this video screams sex, sex, and more sex. From the beautiful women partying, grinding and rubbing ice on their bodies, to the bitties with tongue rings seductively drinking from the sink, this house music video is out of control HOT. If you don’t think that spearing a strawberry with a high heel and eating it seductively is sexy, then you should probably not watch this hot house music video.

Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up (For Detroit)
Sexy nurse outfits aren’t just reserved for Halloween anymore, and in this video that’s not all you’ll see. Not only are the long-legged vixins in this video donning short (we mean SHORT) nurse’s dresses, but they strip down to sexy lingerie and give these factory-made, completely dominated men some really provocative lap dances. We aren’t mathematicians but lingerie + sexy nurses + dominant women + lapdances = one of the top ten sexy house music videos we’ve ever seen.

Benny Benassi – Satisfaction
Sexy women using power tools sounds like some freaky fetish, but once you check out the video, you’ll see firsthand that a bikini-clad female using a power drill is probably one of the hottest things ever to be seen in a house music video. A lot of guys throw oiled-up women with hot bods into their music videos (ok, more like EVERY guy), but Benny Benassi steps it up a notch, adding some chainsaws and drills to give this house music video a sharp edge (…and yes, that pun was intended).

D.O.N.S. – Pump Up The Jam
This hot house music video isn’t just sexy, it’s throwback sexy! Girls dressed as secretaries, girls dressed as police officers, club girls and rodeo girls… this video has it all. Not only are these beauties scantily clad, but they know how to shake it – so hard and so well that they literally stop traffic. Guys, have fun drooling over this one, and ladies, peep this video to learn some dance moves that will have you ruling dance floors everywhere!

Mason vs. Princess – Superstar Perfect Exceeder
This music video sort of goes along with the fitness theme à la Erik Prydz, but instead of a sexy workout class, these girls are running the gymnastics circuit. The lyrics continuously reference them being perfect, and with the way these ladies can bend and flex across the floor mat, we know that any guy in their right mind would agree.

Benny Benassi – Who’s Your Daddy?
Threesomes, foursomes, lesbian action and a little bit of nudity make Who’s Your Daddy one of the hottest house music videos ever to grace the TV (uhh, if it was even allowed). The beat to this song is sexy, the lyrics to this song are sexy and the video sure doesn’t stray from that sexy theme. Benny Benassi is king when it comes to making sexy house music videos, and Who’s Your Daddy definitely makes the cut as one of the hottest we’ve ever seen.